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Registered businesses require the services of a Company Secretary to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements. Section 212 of the Companies Act 2019 (Act 992) spells out the duties of a company’s  secretary which informs our responsibilities and services rendered in our capacity as a company secretary. The scope of services rendered includes.

Assisting the Board to comply with the constitution of the company and with any relevant enactment.

The responsibility of the preparation and compliance of the constitution of the company and compliance with all other enactment of the country lies with the Board, it is therefore our duty to bring the board’s attention to such relevant provisions of enactments that have a direct impact on the operation of their business in the country by the government or by their regulators.

Keeping the books and records of the company and maintain statutory records.

The Companies Act 2019 (Act 992) requires companies to maintain and make available to the public certain registers, books and records such as registers of members and register of directors and secretary. We will compile, maintain, update such registers and ensure overall compliance with these requirements.

Ensuring that the minutes of the meetings of the shareholders and the directors are properly recorded in the form required by the companies Act 2019 (Act 992)

Our duties include convening Board of Directors Meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) and associated services; preparing resolutions; preparing accurate minutes of these meetings and circulating them in a timely manner. This service will also include preparation of follow-up compliance documentation to authenticate resolutions. We shall also examine conditions necessary for AGMs to be dispensed with, and the procedures to be followed in doing so.

Preparing and issuing out notices in the name of the company

Where the need arises and upon request, we shall prepare and issue notices on behalf of the company.

Ensuring that the annual financial statements of the company are dispatched to every person entitled to the statements as required by the Companies Act 2019 (Act 992);

In this regard, we dispatch, annual financial statements of the company to every person entitled to the statements as required by the Act upon receipt of the annual financial statements from the company.

Ensuring that all statutory forms and returns are duly filed with the Registrar;.

We also compile Annual Returns upon receipt of all necessary information and ensure that these are filed with the Registrar of Companies. All other statutory forms that will be required as a result of any changes made to the structure of the company will be duly filed as well.

Providing the Board with guidance as to the duties, responsibilities and powers of the Board and on the changes and development in the laws affecting the operation of companies.

While responsibility for the performance of statutory duties rest with the directors, we are happy to provide advisory services on the interpretation and application of the provisions of the Companies Act 2019 (Act 992) as well as other relevant regulations in the industry in which you operate. It will also be our duty to keep management up-to-date on any significant changes in rules and regulations that will affect the industries in which they operate.

Informing the Board of legislation relevant to or affecting meetings of shareholders and directors and their failure to comply with the legislation and reporting accordingly at any meeting.

The Companies Act 2019 (Act 992) prescribes a number of requirements with regards to meetings of a company, it is our duty to ensure that the board and shareholders are fully aware of such provisions regarding all meetings.