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Morrison & Associates as a reliable partner with a commitment to high-quality financial services and adherence to global standards is key to building trust and long-lasting relationships with both local businesses and international corporations in Ghana. Our emphasis on financial transparency, compliance, and trust in the international business arena reflects our dedication to ethical business practices.

By offering expert and budget-friendly solutions for audit services, we not only assist local businesses in meeting international standards but also contribute significantly to our client’s financial integrity and accountability. This support what we offer is invaluable, especially in today’s complex and competitive business environment where credibility and transparency are paramount.

Empowering Financial Excellence, Building Lasting Trust

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Fueling Prosperity, Fostering Growth:
Morrison & Associates, Your Partner in Business Success

Morrison & Associates’ journey starts from its entrepreneurial start-up roots to becoming a one of the best Audit firm in Ghana. Building an extensive client base, attracting top talent, expanding geographically, and strategically acquiring businesses showcase the firm’s dedication, vision, and adaptability. This growth story reflects our commitment to excellence and its ability to thrive in a competitive business landscape.

Morrison & Associates Supports Clients Every Step of the Way

Building strong relationships with clients is not just about providing services; it’s also about understanding their unique needs and challenges. By tailoring our solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients, we demonstrate our commitment to their success. Clear communication, reliable services, and a focus on delivering tangible results further strengthens our reputation as a trusted financial partner.

United in Excellence, Fueled by Innovation: Morrison & Associates, Where Teamwork Drives Success

Morrison & Associates values its unique culture and steadfast core values, making it an employer of choice for team members and a trusted advisor to clients. Fostering an inclusive, diverse, and open environment is crucial in today’s professional landscape, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and mutual respect among all individuals involved. By honoring the contributions of everyone we work with, we not only strengthen your team dynamics but also enhance the quality of service we provide to our clients. This commitment to inclusivity and openness reflects positively on your organization, fostering strong relationships both internally and with our clients.

Meet Our Colleagues

Herbert A. Morrison, (FCCA, FCIT and FCA)

Managing Partner

Dr. Adom Adu-Amoah,
(DBA, CA, MBA, BCom, BEd)

Partner; Audit & Advisory

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Morrison & Associates is eager to understand the specific needs and interests of organizations they work with, in order to provide tailored and effective solutions. To further assist your organization, contact us

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